Nigel Tao

Fruit Salad Domino

Kingdomino is one of my favorite board games. There’s 48 custom dominoes (all 48 are used for a 3 or 4 player game, 24 are randomly selected for a 2 player game), 4 starting tiles and a bag of meeples. Its box is a pretty common size for tabletop board games, but that size is annoyingly bulky when traveling and backpack space is limited.

Blue Orange Games, the publisher, have released a 2 player print-and-play Kingdomino variant, using 24 dominoes: a little more tactical and a little less luck-of-the-draw. It rebalances the tile distribution slightly, re-using 20 of the original 48 but it also has 4 new dominoes.

In a happy coincidence, 48 + 4 = 52, the number of cards in a standard deck. Make Playing Cards are one of a number of companies that will let you upload 52 (or 54) images and print you a set of cards and they provide the 2:1 aspect ratio for domino cards. The resultant deck is about 1/16th the volume of the original Kingdomino box, or 1/8th if you also carry the bag of meeples instead of using coins, keys, bottle tops, etc. The backs of the unused cards are re-purposed as starting tiles.

photo #0

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If you’d like to print your own copy, you can download the “Fruit Salad Domino” images that I made. They don’t have Cyril Bouquet’s luscious artwork from the original Kingdomino game, but some generously licensed photos-of-fruit (from does the job.

The printed cards also have classic suit-and-value marks in the corner, such as 8♥ and K♠. They aren’t used by the Kingdomino game, but it means you can also use these cards as a regular deck of playing cards. Again, this is more useful when you’re traveling than when you’re at home.

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Buy the original Kingdomino too (and discuss it on Board Game Geek). It’s beautiful (and a great game)!

Published: 2021-01-03