Nigel Tao

Go Fonts v2.010

The Go Fonts were originally released in 2016 and version 2.008 came out in 2017. It’s taken longer that we’d have liked, but we have just released version 2.010 as of commit 41969df7:

Unlike the v2.008 changes, the v2.010 changes were largely algorithmically generated. Algorithmic means that e.g. the new “a-caron” glyph is made by copy/pasting parts of the existing “a” and “s-caron” glyphs. Similarly, “superscript 4” is a scaled and translated “regular 4” and “union” is roughly an upside-down “intersection”, after accounting for any italic ‘lean’.

That program is mostly one-off textual grunt-work before and after the ttx tool converts fonts between binary and textual formats. It’s probably not very interesting, but I’ve linked it anyway for reproducibility.


How to get or use these fonts hasn’t changed. If you just want the TTF files, run

git clone

and copy them from the subsequent image/font/gofont/ttfs directory. Alternatively, they are also mirrored at


Go Regular, Go Mono Bold Italic and Go Smallcaps Italic.

Go Regular Go Mono Bold Italic Go Smallcaps Italic

Published: 2022-06-17